Monday, July 25, 2011


A maleficent storm lurks ominously in the near distance. I hear it hum through the clouds. It strikes dismal chords of thunder in deep, baritone pitches. It composes a song of sorrow and melancholy whispers, it wants to drain me. It seeks to unsettle me. It desires to demoralize me. It rolls in slowly, carefully, like a giant rolling pin coming to flatten the entire land.

Its pulse is so close. I hear its heart beat faster and louder. It knows my comfort cannot last. It sees me. It knows I sit at my window. It hears me breathing. It hisses a serpentine note and spires maliciously above me.

The trees are silent, the birds are long gone from the watchful perception of the monstrosity now seeping across the stretch of plains that yet lay before me. I catch a glimpse of sunlight before it sinks into the clouds, enshrouded, engulfed, and devoured by shadow and darkness.

Terrible darkness.

It's outside my window, shrieking its fury at my haven. Its angry tears whip the siding of my sanctity fiercely and bitterly. It lashes out its wicked tongue to strike the earth with deadly fire, feeding on the dry grass, the brittle trees. Its eye focuses on me momentarily before demonstrating the full potential of nature's raw, destructive power and sovereignty over me.

A Titan in every aspect, it annihilates the insolent, man-made structures surrounding my refuge with a single heave of its massive arm. I sip my coffee and peer nonchalantly over the rim of my mug before I resume typing.

It is infuriated. It howls raucously at me and tears the hills asunder in its wake. It compulsively towers over me and crashes back down ceaselessly until it is too frustrated and weary to continue its rampant behavior.

It runs away, weeping, to terrorize anyone who stands in its path.

I sip my coffee, sigh deeply, and continue typing.

(I developed the idea for this whilst eyeing an approaching storm. I hope you enjoyed it.)


  1. This is beautiful. Things like this always come to my mind but when i get to the keyboard my mind goes blank. You're a great writer.

  2. Thank you, Holland! I just love storms and I never find better inspiration for writing than when I'm observing earth's beauty. :)

  3. Holy moly! You're so amazing. I love how you express yourself. I'm in awe of your talent and ability. I wish this storm was actually approaching, your description of it is perfect, like so many storms we've seen and experienced.

  4. Well done, Zade. Well done. I loved the line " wants to drain me."

    Way to capture the fury.

  5. I did indeed enjoy it. I was there...experiencing the storm - looking over your shoulder...pass me the coffee :)

  6. Awesome, I was just thinking of the word melancholy when I saw the dark clouds move in. XD