Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Hello, my dear friends. I understand that you may be wondering why, after so long, am I now posting my seventh and final 'Deadly Sin' story. Let me explain: Our 'awesome' internet has been down for- what's today, Friday?- four three days. Three full, excruciating days. You wanna know what our service is? Well, here's a hint. Their quote is "When you're living in the country, it's easy to get connected to nature. But other things, not so much." Still don't know? Well, I'm pretty sure there's a toilet paper brand with the same name. And no, I don't mean Charmin. Anyways, enough ranting. Another well-deserved thank you to Antimony for hosting this whole deal! She rocks. Check her out at Thoughts, Musings, and Broken Promises. Leave some thoughts if you feel like. Thanks! :D

Mr. Smith gaped at the many various card tables and slot machines, his eyes filled wonder and fantasy. He envisioned himself sitting on a mound of $100 bills, up to his teeth in women and luxury. He bet big and lost big in his first hand of poker, but managed to retain his pride. He blew on his dice, but the gambling fairy must have been on vacation, because he rolled them and lost the meager $18 he had won playing the slot machines. Mr. Smith played and played all night, until both the keys to his car and the deed to his house had been lost. He left the casino that night to wander the streets aimlessly, even more broken than he had been when he arrived.


  1. Zade! I was beginning to worry about you guys. Glad to see you made it back to the 21st Century. (I already called Al Gore for you and Heather. He told me he would start working on a new generation of Internet for you boonie peeps.)

    And you are back with a vengeance, I might add. This story rocks! I knew what was going to happen to the character because of the post subject, but I OH SO wanted to read on and see it happen.

    Yikes. It seems I have a cruel streak in me.

  2. I hope Al can get to working on that soon. If I can't download these stupid flash games soon I don't know what I'll do!

    Thank you very much, and for all the comments you've posted! Don't think that since I didn't respond, I didn't read them. I did. I just never get around to replying to everyone... I guess I sort of dread it. I mean, how does one personalize a response to each and every person accordingly? I know you nail it quite well. I just don't think I have the attention span for it... Heh.

  3. Well worth the wait, Zade. I was hoping it was something non-life-threatening that was keeping you from posting.

    It's been great reading your work. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. A great story to finish with. Please don't stop posting - I love reading your stories. No pressure to visit us - we just like visiting you :)