Monday, October 10, 2011

One, two, FIVE! I mean three... Weeks.

Hello, all of you.
This is another one of those posts about me apologizing for my Blogger negligence.
I realize that I haven't actually posted ANYTHING for roughly three whole semanas. (Weeks. That's Spanish, kids! :D) I want to sincerely apologize for that, and for the fact that that means that I haven't really been on at all. Meaning I haven't been seeing all YOUR posts.
Now, normally I make it a point to go to all the blogs I follow and view their (your) posts, usually commenting upon their (your) topic in question. Or at least give a "Well done, chap!"
I haven't done that, obviously. I think it's been a week and a half since I read anything by anyone. When you follow ten or fifteen people and consistently check ALL of their posts, and WANT to read all the stuff, a week can really be a long time to check. Too long.
So just know that I did, in fact, go back and read pretty much everything by all of you, and that even if I did neglect you for a short while, I tried to make up for it.
So, enough chit-chat. Since I (obviously) can't just say sorry and then disappear for another three weeks, I figured I would leave you with a little somethin'-somethin'. So, here it is. Some cool pictures of awesome people. Try to guess who they are; they'll start out easy, and get progressively harder as they go. :D
1. Easy. Looking sharp, big guy!
2. What a nice-looking fellow he is.
3. His lip always pulled up in a grim, uncontrollable scowl...
4. Look at that cute, happy smile...
5. If anything, her smile should give it away.
6. What a magnificent black cat!
7. Wait... An old lady... With an ax...? Yet it seems so fitting...
8. Who could forget such dark, watchful eyes?
9. He looks a little concerned, or something.
10. The trickiest of them all... Good luck with THIS one.
Have fun, everybody! :D