Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

No one would have to know, thought the mortician. No! It's late, all the fumes have gotten to me... He couldn't think straight. She lay there, motionless on the table, one of the most beautiful corpses he'd ever seen. He swallowed hard as a bead of sweat dribbled its way down his greasy forehead. His lips were pursed tightly and he approached the table. His heart throbbed painfully but his feet made him move closer. He finally gave in to temptation and darted towards her, but tripped on his untied shoelace and fell to the floor, his throat landing directly on the sharp end of the scalpel he'd forgotten was in his hand.

Again, huge thanks to Lady Antimony over at Thoughts, Musings, and Broken Promises for hosting this awesome event, The Seven Deadly Sins Blog Challenge. Sorry about the rather macabre story, but hey, they are the Seven DEADLY Sins for a reason.

Comment if you like, I'd appreciate all the "well-deserved" praise! (Or appropriate criticism, if need be.) Heh. Thank ya!


  1. Oh, wow. As soon as you started this piece, I knew there was trouble brewing. Another nice ending, showing the repercussions of sin.

    I'm beginning to think the Henry household is always under a shower of creativity. Your family ROCKS!

  2. Eeeeewwwwwww! So gross and just desserts!

  3. Very dark and creepy. Thank goodness he never made it to the table. I agree with Bryce, the repercussions of sin.
    And thank you, Bryce.

  4. Creepy! Tells us something about society's taboo when it gives the reader a sense of satisfaction to see a guy cut his own throat rather than do the dirty with a corpse. But it does. Or I'm just bloodthirsty. Great work anyway!