Monday, July 11, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

He walks into the apartment and quietly closes the door behind him, twisting the ring around in his pocket, feeling more ecstatic and confident than words can express. He pulls the ring out and squeezes it tightly in his palm, swallows hard and walks through the door into the bedroom.

But she isn't alone. He remembers the man; they had been to the same party a week or two ago. No words are said. One golden ring falls from a sweaty palm and bounces across the cool floor. Two mouths gape in horror. Three gunshots are heard by other tenants. The sheets aren't white anymore.

(100 Words)

Hey, this is the Seven Deadly Sins Blog challenge, day 5! Only two more to go, which doesn't leave a lot of time to give a bunch of huge thanks to Ms. Antimony over at Thoughts, Musings, and Broken Promises for hosting this spectacular and fun event! If it finds your fancy, please, feel free to leave thoughts in the internet form of "comments." I hear they're all the rage these days. I know. I'm hip!


  1. Now there's some serious wrath. Yikes! I really liked your last line on this one, Zade. It nailed the finality of the moment.
    Great job!

  2. I'm"envious" of your writing skills. (Haha see what I did there? I'm hilarious...)
    Anyway, another gripping story. Loved it. :D

  3. Reading your words always conjures up a film running inside my head - love it!

  4. I feel bad for the guy! I like how you added the ring into it. Sets it up nicely. Well written, love!

  5. Wow, nothing being held back there. Great job, not easy writing small excerpts of action, but you captured it al right.

  6. Zade, it is an absolute pleasure to read your work, all of your works so far have been absolutely fantastic. Thank you for taking part! And thank you for the shout outs, I'm glad you're enjoying this challenge! Your artwork is brilliant too, I love the 'Pumpkin head' pieces!

    A x

  7. That was very well done. Cold wrath.

  8. Wow this slams a GREAT punch. Bloody brilliant. The set up was especially poignant, in light of the end. Great work.