Monday, August 29, 2011

A Time to Share

Hello, my bloggy buddies.
How's it going?
Is life treating you well? Did you get the cookies I sent you? Excellent.
The cookies were a gift, or rather, an exchange for your forgiveness to my lack of consistency (no, not like pancake batter) in the blogging realm.
I am sorry.
I am also sorry if the postman ate your cookies. If he did, just let me know, and I'll send my minions after him. They'll get your cookies back. Promise.
Anyways, there's a reason (as there always is) for my absence as of late.
My computer went *poop* again. As far as computers can go *poop*, that is. It went *poop* so hard that it won't work anymore. (Sounds like a college buddy of mine...)
So again, my humblest apologies go out to all of ye who even view this small, desolate blog.
And HERE is what I've been working on in the meantime!
It may very well be the picture that has consumed more of my time in its creation than any other picture I have ever drawn, so please, if you don't like it, don't tell me. I would probably cry. (And, perhaps, do what my computer did... {though I'm not implying that I work as it is; I don't. I'm a bum. Whatcha gonna do about it!?})
There's a short story that goes along with this classy man...
But I haven't written it yet. Sorry! :D
(Also, the scanner cut off the ole bloke's feet. Don't think that he's a no-good, footless buffoon. He has classy feet, on which are classy shoes.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seven Virtues #1: Chastity

I know I'm rather late in getting to this, but I've been fairly busy lately, and haven't yet had a chance to do it! Tragic. I know. But I plan to do it, anyways, because, well, I want to.
This is the Seven Virtues blog challenge. A month ago, Lady Antimony had hosted a blog challenge called "The Seven Deadly Sins." I managed to kill at least five people (in story, mind you), and ruin the lives of the rest of them. I know, I'm horrible.
This seems to be the only chance of redemption. And how hard it might be! We'll give it a shot.

   I walk right past them,
   and I know how they felt.
   They saw the outline of
   my Chastity Belt.

   They won't make it through,
   Not without a fight.
   It may never come off,
   If I put it on right.

   If you get to my heart,
   You might get my key,
   And then my manliness
   Will all be set free.

   It gets a bit scratchy,
   That much is true,
   so if you wear one, well,
   good luck to you, too.

   Somehow or another,
   It feels a bit wrong.
   It doesn't quite fit me,
   neither does my thong.

...I'm going to Hell, aren't I?

(92 Words)

I'm OUTTA here!

Hello, there. I'm back. You may or may not have noticed, but I've been away from the blog world for quite some time. A very long time, in fact, as far as keeping up with a site like this is concerned. Well, let me tell you why. I was moving. It was a long process. On Friday, the final things in our house were packed and (somewhat) organized. The following day, in lovely 110 degrees weather, we took eight hours to pack all our belongings (and believe me, that is a LOT of stuff) into the 24-8-12 foot moving truck. When we had finally finished packing everything, and were sore, tired, hungry, sweaty, and feeling as if our arms were about to fall off, we decided to move the truck out of the way, as it was backed up our sidewalk.
   Here's the great part: we couldn't find the keys. We searched the entire house from top to bottom, left to right, and nook to cranny. And wouldn't you know it? They had been packed up due to a slight mishap that had occurred hours before. The small desk they had fallen into had ALSO been packed into the truck.
   You can imagine our frustration.
   Three grunts, six groans, a push and a heave, and four gallons of sweat later, the truck was halfway unpacked, and we found the keys.t The following morning, we left late (11:00 AM), and didn't arrive at our first stop until 9 o'clock that evening, including a one-hour backwards time transition.
   There were three of us crammed into the cab of the moving truck. And that was the comfortable ride. The other two us (myself and my mum) were packed into a small car, with two large dogs, one cat in a large cage, eight bags, three baskets, a cooler, two sacks of food, topped off by the smell of fresh animal droppings (which may not be the right word; I'm really feeling it with 'smathering,' regardless of the fact that it doesn't actually exist) across six states, over the course of 30 hours spread across three days (Sunday-Tuesday).
   Even though it was a difficult, uncomfortable, and smelly trip, there were many fun things that occurred during that time (like jamming out to two full CDs of the Beatles, viewing the scenery, making fun of some of the ridiculous town names, etc.), and the new place was totally worth it all.
   As much as I *ahem* "enjoy" moving across the country, I can't say I'll be doing it again anytime soon. Cheerio.

I think this was a pile of rocks in Wyoming... I can't remember.

This is our cat, Foofoocuddlypoops, otherwise known as Kitty, or Lil' K Foofs (that's his street name.) sleeping in his cage.

More pretty mountains somewhere in either Wyoming or in  Idaho. Maybe Utah.

I like the mountains, what can I say?

I'm a brilliant photographer, obviously. (Not really. I just said it. It makes me feel... Special. :D)

This is a place in Oregon called Multnomah Falls. It is utterly beautiful, and completely free to visit. SCORE!

(Sorry for the bad picture quality, they were taken from my phone, which is cheap.)