Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Packing: Story of an A.D.D. Packrat

This morn, my brother and I were sorting through various things in the living room that we haven't seen since we've been old enough to comprehend words such as "homemade videos," "antique," and "baby shower." Now that our knowledge of the English vocabulary has expanded exponentially, we were able to view such things with appreciation.
First, I found our antique dishes that have been passed down through several generations, dating back as old as (or, so I think) the mid 1800's. To make a long story short, I spied the trademark on one piece of an old tea set, and, rather than simply disregarding it, went on an obsessive Google-searching frenzy. I spent almost a full hour simply trying to find out how old it was, and another hour trying to figure out how much it was worth. Unfortunately, I could not reach a viable conclusion. For, unlike in many modern movies, you cannot type two keywords and find the exact thing you're looking for as the first result of the query. I came out disappointed.
Secondly, my brother found a homemade video of my older sister's baby shower, and I kid you not, my dad looks and acts almost exactly like Matthew Broderick in "Ferris Bueler's Day Off." I couldn't keep my interest in seeing what my parents were like nigh twenty years ago at bay. I'm far too inquisitive for such nonsense as being incurious. Another forty-five minutes, and not a freshly-packed box later, the movie fuzzed out and the screen turned blue.
So now, as I sit with a mound of unpacked things yet before me, I type this post. Darn. Another twenty minutes.


  1. So funny! Those videos are horrible, yet wonderful at the same time. We were so young and cheesy, now we're just older and cheesy. :)
    You're right, Dad always reminded me of the young Matthew Broderick. He was and is, very funny. Thanks for taking the time to pack, you are always so helpful.

  2. Ha! I love the picture of your Dad as Matthew Broderick! Procrastinating or not, it's a wonderful post ;) Thanks for your sweet message this week - sorry I'm so late in responding. Good luck with the packing, xo