Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey there! It's me again. That's right; the esteemed Zade, Emperor of Narnia. Not to brag or anything...
Anyways. This isn't going to be a serious post (hence the name {hence the "hence the name"} [hence the "hence the 'hence the name'"]}|and I would've gone further, but I ran out of brackets, so I used this weird line thing|), and may actually be reused many, many times in the future... For any other doodles I doodle, rather than having to start an entirely new post every time.
ANYanyways (my goodness, we're awfully redundant tonight, aren't we?), here are a few doodles I've done over the past week or so in my free time (which is all day, every day, just so you know). Feel free to laugh, cry, comment, or solve world hunger. Any of the above would be acceptable responses to what you're about to see. 
Thanks for tuning in this week, on Blogger! -Cue cheesy game show/Fox news music-
The other night, I was having a block (it was in no way similar to having a baby, mind you), and my brother suggested I draw chickens (don't ask; he's just a very, very strange lad). This picture was the outcome of that suggestion.

Confusion (Mind the camels; they spit!)

This one is titled "The Age of the Machine... Is 104" I don't think it's quite done yet, so it may eventually escape from the bonds of doodlism and into the world of regular, decent pictures which much effort and deliberation was put into the making of (I'll come up with a title for this category later. For now, simply call it R.D.P.W.M.E.D.W.P.I.M. We'll know what you mean.)

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  1. Interesting, I've never actually noticed that Suit of Armor in the laundry, is it new?? I always knew you'd grow up to be a knight of some sort.
    I love all your doodle art, it's inspiring, funny, strange (which is to be expected in these walls) and downright good times. As always, your blog makes me smile, chuckle and smirk. :)