Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coffee Shop

This is the more serious picture I've been working on this past week. Well, two days, really.
This picture contains three of my favorite things: Rain, coffee shops, and people who love rain and coffee shops. (Sorry for the bad quality. I don't know what that's about...)

Here's the widescreen view, and, magically, it has even worse quality than the previous picture. Who knew it was possible?


  1. hey great work I have a question ... You can hear a mail or something?
    I invite you to my blog

  2. I could probably hear a mail if I listened really hard... I can usually hear the mailman. He isn't discreet, though, so that makes sense.
    I just joined. :D

  3. But would you want to have it rain on you while you are trying to drink coffee? I love the background with the sea of coffee beans. It makes me crave it this morning.

  4. I wish I had the patience to draw, but I haven't been able to doodle anything in a long time.

    I love the simplicity of a pencil sketch. Great job! And yes, coffee, rain...sign me up!

  5. Hi Zade, nice to meet you! I confess, i'm a like a cat - I don't like to get wet. I do, however, enjoy the rain from inside. Nothing better than being wrapped up, drinking coffee, and sitting by a window watching the drops fall. Great sketches!

  6. I love your cafe picture it has real ambience :)

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  8. Hi there. I was wondering if I could appropriate this piece of art from you?

    I write the occasional story and put it on a few online sites. Nothing big, and I don't get money for it, but I like to have a cover on it the way an ebook would have a cover. Just seems proper.

    I was googling images of coffee shops and rain for a recent story and came across this picture. It fits the story and I'd like to use it, with your permission. I might do a slight modification of removing the word "cafe" since that's where the title of my story would go.

    There's no money involved. I don't sell these, or at least so far I haven't tried. I just think your picture complemented my story. I'd give you an "illustrator credit" in the story, though.



    John Grabowski