Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Kids Vs. Big Monsters

To put this quite plainly, I don't think like everyone else. I find inspiration in strange things, like the floral patterns in the couch cushions. The first picture came from watching the movie Labyrinth, for obvious reasons. The second came from looking at a picture of my brother in a cowboy hat. It evolved from there.
Hungry Hungry Hedge Tree
The Wild West

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  1. Hi Zade! (Cool name, by the way)

    Thought I would pop in and say hey. Your mom tagged me recently and I see where she picked on you, too.
    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I see you inherited some of Mom's artistic slants. NICE. I also read where you have a dark, sarcastic side. I've been known to go there from time to time, as well.

    Anyway, consider me a follower. I'll hop on and watch as you put more cool stuff on! David Bowie ROCKED in "Labyrinth."

    And tell your Mom, umm, thanks for the tag. Yeah, I think that's what I mean. Thanks. Ha!